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Luxury Essence – Your luxury solution

We invite you to join us on a journey from now to next. We create a value for your business by creating a value for your customers in the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We deeply believe: If we make a difference for your customers we will make a difference for your business too. And it works: your luxury solution.

What we do


We are your Tour Operator and your partner for all needs of your customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We have been specializing in the luxury travel sector for over a decade. To offer the best and excellent service to your customer, we want to make a difference and stand by your customer as experts and consultants every day.


You want to expand your business model into German speaking countries? We are the perfect interface between you and your potential new customers. As a specialist in the luxury travel industry, we have already advised thousands of hotels and supported them in their expansion. Of course everything is adapted to your needs and individual wishes!


We create a German version of your hotel website, that perfectly fits to your audience. The travel designer of edeltravel act as the German speaking contact for your customers. We take care of the entire content and technical set-up as well as the complete customer service from the enquiry to the completed booking.


As specialists in the luxury travel business, we speak the language of your audience: Exclusivity and uniqueness are as much a part of our language as the special needs of your German speaking customers. We therefore offer you a complete translation of all your communication media - from posters and flyers to business cards. An allround service from translation to print and delivery.

Who we are

Luxury Essence is a brand of edeltravel Luxusreisen GmbH and your partner for all issues concerning the luxury travel market: Our many years of experience in the field of luxury travel with a focus on the German speaking market, allows us a deep insight into the needs of your customers! We design your project flexibly and individually according to your wishes and ideas. Make your challenge to ours!

You are the focus of our work and we want to create a difference for your customers. This is why we don’t see ourselves in competition with generic advertising and representation agencies - we act as a bond and we believe that this is what your customers need: A specialist in the luxury market, who knows what your customers need and want. We rather cooperate with our friends in the industry than compete. Our products are specially adapted to fit to your customers - the audience we know best - to create your luxury solution:

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